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Leadership Service
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The Network of Executive Women is a volunteer-driven organization whose work is made possible by more than 800 national and regional officers, committee members, volunteers and Ambassadors. We welcome volunteers from throughout the retail and consumer products industry who want serve at the regional and national level.

Criteria for all volunteers

  • Passion and commitment to the Network's mission
  • Corporate or individual member in good standing
  • Supporter of NEW in their company
  • Involvement in diversity initiatives

Become a regional volunteer
Become a member

Board of Directors selection

Board nominees are selected by a Nominating Committee composed of current and past Network leaders. The Nominating Committee meets each July to select a slate of candidates for Board service, which is presented to NEW members.

This slate is voted on at our Annual Members Meeting during the NEW Leadership Summit. Nominees may also be put forward by a petition of members. This nomination and election process is governed by the Network's bylaws.

Please email Kimberly Linn for more information about Board applications or contact your Ambassador to learn about your company’s engagement with NEW.

Download Board application

The Nominating Committee has established an Engagement Scorecard to assess current and potential national leaders. In 2014, the Nominating Committee updated the succession planning process for Board service.

Criteria for Board and national committee members

  • Passion for the Network’s mission
  • Ability to lead
  • Influence in the industry
  • Knowledge of industry and workforce issues
  • Collaborative skills
  • Supports others through mentoring or volunteering
  • Fiduciary and financial acumen
  • Strong integrity and professional ethics
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Sense of possibility
  • Optimistic and enthusiastic

Engagement scorecard for Board members

  • Attendance at Board and committee meetings and teleconferences
  • Sponsorship, resources and volunteer time devoted to NEW and its regions
  • Attendance at national and regional events
  • Support of NEW initiatives

Principles of Board composition

  • Senior-level executives to enable influence and action
  • Reflects diversity of industry and its consumers (experience, age, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation)
  • Balanced representation of manufacturers and retailers, with 20 percent or fewer service providers
  • Network sponsor (consideration given to individual members who have provided significant service or are in transition)

Board of Directors job description

  • Serve in a national committee role or as a company Ambassador to NEW
  • Attend and support NEW events, including the NEW Leadership Summit
  • Be a member in good standing, with either an individual or corporate membership
  • Attend two Board meetings per year and conference calls as scheduled
  • Stay informed about committee matters and review and comment on all minutes and reports
  • Get to know other Board and committee members and build relationships that aid good decision making
  • Support NEW within their company and be involved with diversity initiatives
  • Have the ability to speak for their company and commit company resources to further NEW’s mission
  • Have financial support from their company to cover costs of travel to Board meetings and reimbursement of other individual expenses associated with committee service
  • Represent and enhance the Network within the industry
  • Provide experience, expertise and knowledge to support the work of the Network
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to carry out the mission of the Network
  • Recruit new members and participate in fundraising for the Network
  • Participate in Network activities, such as the NEW Leadership Summit and regional events, and encourage others to do so

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