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Women less confident negotiating about their careers

Thursday, April 5, 2012  
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Women are less confident about career negotiating than men, according to new data collected by LinkedIn, which surveyed 2,000 professionals globally. Only 26 percent of women surveyed say they feel confident in negotiating for a raise or closing a deal, compared to 37 percent of men.

Of the professionals in eight countries surveyed, Americans dread negotiating the most, with 39 percent reporting anxious feelings. Globally, 35 percent of the professionals say they feel anxious or frightened about negotiating. Thirty-four percent are confident, while 10 percent say negotiations are exciting and 10 percent are indifferent.

Brazilian professionals are the most frightened by negotiating (21 percent). Germans have the most positive outlook on negotiating, with the highest rate reporting they are excited about negotiating (21 percent) and the second-highest ranking for feeling confident (43 percent). India ranked as the most confident country when it comes to negotiating, with 47 percent of respondents reporting they feel confident. Respondents from South Korea are the most indifferent about negotiating (21 percent).

When asked to compare negotiating to various situations, more than one out of every five respondents (22 percent) feel that negotiating is similar to playing a game of poker, where players are forced to make moves based on incomplete information.

"While it’s true that there’s a flat-out fear of negotiating among a percentage of professionals, all of us can benefit from getting smarter about making requests at work,” said Selena Rezvani, author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask -- And Stand Up -- For What They Believe. "Whether that means consulting a salary calculator, conferring with a second-degree connection on LinkedIn to learn your counterpart’s style, or using a negotiating app on your phone for practice, careful preparation is a worthy investment of your time.”

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