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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Members: Getting Started
How to Register for Events

Event registration

Q. When I attempt to register for an event I am asked for a username or verification code. Do I need these to register for an event?

A. You do not need a username, password or verification code to register for NEW regional events. To register for an event as a non-member, visit our Calendar page, click on the event you wish to attend, click on "Register for this Event" and then click "Not a Network Member? Continue without signing in.” For more information download our Event Registration Guide.

Q. Why doesn't my password and username work?

A. Your membership may be expired or you may be trying to sign in using an old username and password. Please see Membership below for more information on how to start or renew your NEW membership.

Q. I forgot my password — how do I recover it?

A. You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link beneath the sign in box. This will automatically generate and send an email to the address listed in your profile, containing directions on how to reset you password.

Q. I have to cancel my event registration and it is past the refund deadline. What are my options?

A. Check with the event organizer listed on the event Calendar page. You may be able to send a replacement in your place. The replacement will need to complete a walk-in registration form on site.

Q. How do I obtain an event registration receipt?

A. If you're a member, sign in to the site and click on "My Membership." Under Account History, click on "Event Registrations." Click on the print icon next to the event for which you wish to receive a receipt. If you are not a member, you may request a receipt by using the Contact Us link on each page.

Q. I am not sure if I registered for an event correctly because I was never asked to provide credit card information.

A. If you did not provide credit card information your order did not go through. For more information download our Event Registration Guide.


Q. I have attended Network events in the past. Am I automatically a NEW member?

A. NEW regional events are open to members and non-members. To become a national member of the Network you need to join the Network and pay your annual dues or, if you are an employee of one of our partner companies, be assigned a corporate membership by your company's NEW Ambassador. To see if you qualify for corporate membership, contact your company's NEW Ambassador. For more on how to activate a corporate membership, download Corporate Members: Getting Started.

Q. My company is a national Network partner. Am I automatically a member of the Network?

A. No. Each partner is allotted a limited number of memberships. It is up to your organization’s Network Ambassador to assign these memberships and invite the persons they designate to become members and join our online community.

Q. I must be a member. I get the Network's twice-monthly Insider magazine and communications from my region.

Many mailings, including the Network Insider and NEW SmartBrief, go to non- members and members alike.

Q. How do I become a Network member?

A. To become an individual member, click on "join” and follow the instructions. A 12-month individual membership costs $200 and includes full website access, an invitation to our NEW Leadership Summit and other benefits. To become a corporate member contact your company's NEW Ambassador to see if you qualify.

Corporate Member Activation

Q. I have received an invitation from my corporate Ambassador to become a Network member and join What do I do next?

A. Click on the link in the email invitation (you may have to cut and paste the link into your browser window) and complete your online profile using the verification code < newonline >. Your "sub-account” will be managed by your firm’s NEW Ambassador. For more step-by-step instructions download Corporate Members: Getting Started.

Q. I'm a NEW corporate Ambassador. How do I invite a colleague to become a NEW corporate member?

A. Sign in to the website and click on "My Membership" then "Manage Profile." Click on "Sub-accounts" and enter the e-mail addresses of each colleague you wish to invite. For more information download Ambassador Invitation Process.

Q. What is the verification code for my company?

A. The verification code is located in the NEW Membership invitation you received from your company's NEW Ambassador. It is used to locate any existing profile information about you currently stored in the NEW database. If you do not find a directory match, please click "Join without a verification code" and follow the prompts.

Q. The link enclosed in the NEW Corporate Membership Invitation I received is not working.

A. For security reasons, your link is valid for only 7 days. Please request another invitation from your firm's NEW Ambassador if your link has expired.

Q. I am trying to activate my NEW Corporate Membership invitation, but I am being asked to pay $200.

A. You must initiate your corporate membership activation by clicking on the link found in your e-mail invitation. If you have done so, please click "Continue and Accept Membership" -- you will not be required to pay the annual fees.


Q. What online privileges do I get as a Network member?

A. You can create a profile that other members can view, you can create a network with other members, you can create an optional public profile and connect it to your other networking sites like LinkedIn, you can blog and share files and photos, you can send group emails – the list goes on. NEW members also get exclusive access to our Research Library and Knowledge Bank.

Q. How can I update my profile?

A. Sign in and click on "My Membership" then "Manage Profile." From here you can manage your information and settings, content and features, community connections, account information and more.

Q. I am not a Network member. What portions of the website can I use?

A. You can register for regional events, access our news, events, and information pages, and get information from our Job Bank. Previous information you have entered will populate registration forms if you have "cookies” enabled on your browser.


Q. Are there limits to what I can post on my profile and personal page?

A. While all material is subject to review by a site administrator prior to posting, you are solely responsible for content you post on our site. Copyrighted, libelous and offensive material is prohibited. See Terms of Use for details.

Q. What about privacy and security?

A. You can select just how much or how little information to post. All personally identifiable information (PII) provided to us is secured with certified 128-bit SSL encryption, the most powerful available. Your PII is never shared with anyone.

Q. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to promotional mailings?

A. To subscribe to the NEW Times newsletter and receive occasional event alerts, visit our subscription page. To unsubscribe use the Safe Unsubscribe option in each email for immediate and permanent list removal.

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